The Wonderopolis® Explorer Program provides fun and engaging summer learning content

With spring break just around the corner, that means summer vacation will be here soon! While planning for family and student engagement during the summer months, consider using NCFL’s turnkey learning content, the Wonderopolis® Explorer Program.

Graphic with the covers of 10 Wonderopolis Explorer Program Guides

Wonderopolis, NCFL’s digital property that has welcomed more than 70 million visitors over the past decade, fosters natural curiosity and imagination through exploration and discovery for learners of all ages. With the Explorer Program, Wonderopolis’ daily intriguing questions move beyond the screen and into a variety of programs all across the country.

The readymade program offers 10 weeks’ worth of step-by-step instructions to support facilitators in guiding learners as they investigate a topic and engage in project-based learning. 

Each daily session includes an opening activity, one of the most popular Wonders of the Day®, a post-reading activity, a Maker project, and a wrap-up activity or discussion. Each session sparks children’s learning for approximately 2-3 hours each day and includes multidisciplinary content that purposefully aligns with educational standards, the STEM Educational Quality Framework, and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, making it compatible with K-12 curriculums across the country.

This Explorer Program is ideal for not only on-site programming such as summer camps, afterschool programs, and recreational programs, but is also easily adaptable for families, homeschooling co-ops, and other out-of-school learning opportunities. Incorporating one full session into your program’s daily routine can keep children engaged and learning without knowing it. Plus, the Wonderopolis Explorer Program can be delivered by anyone—facilitators do not need an education background to lead the activities.

Cover of one Explorer Program guide

Check out the content to learn how it can be used with your learners. Download a free sample guide that contains one day of lesson plans and materials lists, in addition to book lists and other activities, by visiting the Wonder Store today!