Three ways to celebrate Adult Education & Family Literacy Week

September 12 through September 18 is National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week, supported by the National Coalition for Literacy. This week seeks to raise awareness about adult education and family literacy issues across the country.

Not sure how to celebrate the wonders of lifelong learning? Here are three ways you can help spread the word:

1. Volunteer at a local program: Visit the National Literacy Directory to find a literacy program in your area. Funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and managed by NCFL, the directory connects literacy programs with the people who need services. But it’s also a great resource to find local programs in your area that could use your help!

    2. Make family learning a priority: In today’s harried world, it can be hard to make time to learn together as a family when you’re juggling school, jobs, practices, homework and the rest of everyday life. One way you can make family learning a daily habit is with Wonderopolis┬«’ Wonder of the Day┬«, which offers bite-size bits of learning that the whole family can enjoy. Visit today to find out: Is a Computer Bug an Insect?

    3. Hold a book drive: NCFL is holding our own staff book drive this week — we’re collecting books to send to our partner Better World Books, who sells used books to keep funding organizations devoted to improving literacy around the world. Hold your own book drive at your school, place of worship or community center. Find out how you can donate the books to Better World Books, or use the National Literacy Directory to find a program in your area that could use them.

      These are just three of many, many ways you can help raise awareness about literacy issues this week. The National Coalition for Literacy lists more ideas for recognizing Adult Education & Family Literacy Week. It also lists ideas specifically for program directors and instructors.

      What are you planning? Let us know! And remember, your efforts don’t have to finish by the end of the week — make family literacy a priority all year long!