Three ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with Wonderopolis®

This March, honor women who have changed the world with Wonders of the Day® for Women’s History Month. NCFL’s Wonderopolis® dives into the herstory questions kids are most curious about. Who was Ruth Bader Ginsburg? What is suffrage? And do all pirates have beards? Find answers to these questions and many more—and return often, as Wondeorpolis will continue to add new Women’s History Month content all month long!

Graphic with illustration of 5 diverse women and the text

How can you best engage the whole family in learning about women’s history on Wonderopolis? Check out these three strategies to maximize learning outcomes at school or at home.

Allow kids and families to explore the topics they’re most interested in.

Wonderopolis has made this easy by sorting the Wonders of the Day for Women’s History into easy-to-navigate categories. Readers can choose from over 50 nonfiction texts about women who are leaders, scientists, historical figures, and more. The benefits of offering student choice are well known; use this strategy to increase learning and motivation at school or at home.

Utilize each Wonder of the Day’s “Try It Out” section.

Each Wonder of the Day for Women’s History Month includes three extension activities for further exploration. Located in the “Try It Out” section, these activities present readers with the chance to read, write, and get hands-on for a deeper learning experience. Don’t let the Wonder stop at the end of the text—encourage kids and families to retain more of what they learned through further exploration.

Communicate creatively with Canva.

After reading, encourage kids and families to communicate what they’ve learned using the online design platform Canva. In partnership with Wonderopolis, Canva has created a line of templates perfect for post-reading activities. After exploring a Wonder of the Day, readers can create an infographic, poster, or art wall to share what they learned about history’s most iconic women.

New to Wonderopolis? Take our Tour of Wonderopolis before getting started. There, you’ll learn how to optimize learning with features like Immersive Reader, which can translate each Wonder of the Day into 100+ languages. You’ll also explore more learning tools available on Wonderopolis, including vocabulary practice and comprehension quizzes.