Three Ways to Make Family Learning More Wonderful

National Family Literacy Month® may be coming to an end, but learning together as a family should never stop. As the holidays approach, make family learning a part of your everyday life with these easy, fun and free suggestions.

There’s no better time to start incorporating family learning into your everyday routine. Maybe it’s a discussion about why birds fly in a V while driving to school or a quick chat about where recycled items end up while standing in line at the grocery store.

These short and sweet moments add up to a lifetime of a family learning together. Need some inspiration? Wonderopolis® offers three new ways to help you cultivate these learning moments and keep the conversations going.

  1. Sign up for the Wonderopolis® e-mail – Wonderopolis now offers a way to subscribe to the Wonder of the Day®. Go to the home page, and click the envelope icon in the menu bar to enter your e-mail address. Click Subscribe, and you’ll begin receiving a new Wonder of the Day in your inbox every day!
  2. Add Wonderopolis to your blog or website – Now you can take the wonder with you. Wonderopolis has a new widget that you can add to your own site – all you have to do is grab the HTML code and paste it on your site. If you don’t have your own website, recommend the Wonderopolis widget to your local school and other family-friendly organizations.
  3. Nominate your idea for Wonder of the Day – Wonder is all around us. Maybe it’s a new addition to a favorite family restaurant’s menu or a newly sewn button eye on a cherished childhood stuffed animal. Whatever sparks the wonder, we want to hear about it! The next time you start wondering, fill out the form to contribute your ideas for the Wonder of the Day.

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