Wonderopolis® creates thematic Collections, enter to win a Swag Pack

Wonderopolis.org, NCFL’s digital learning platform, has provided free, engaging learning content to millions of learners around the world since 2010. The site offers thousands of Wonders of the Day® on a variety of topics, each packed with rich informational text, vocabulary words, extension activities, and a multimedia gallery. We’re excited to share that Wonderopolis now curates Wonders of the Day in high-interest themes from the convenience of our Collections landing page

A graphic on a yellow and purple background with a person speaking into a megaphone and the text

To date, we have Collections for: Black History, Career Exploration, the Earth, Family Learning, Hispanic History, and Wonderopolis’ Partnerships. Families can learn more about a theme by exploring a Wonder or two each day and engaging in one or more of the Try It Out activities together. Learning groups (classrooms, community-based organizations—anywhere learning happens in a community!) can use Collections as the starting point for research and a way to narrow down a topic and/or develop a question for further inquiry. 

In the future, we’re hoping to launch a new collection each month. (Insider tip: next month we’ll unveil our Collection for Women’s History!) Watch for our announcements on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook—or through our Wonder of the Day emails, delivered straight to your inbox!

There are many ways Collections can be valuable tools for families and other learning communities. What are some other ways you might use a Collection? Add your idea to the comments and submit your email here by 11:59 p.m. ET on February 28, 2023, for your chance to win a Wonderopolis Swag Pack!