Valentine’s Day Tips

Here are some fun Valentine’s Day literacy activities and yearlong traditions that will jump start learning throughout the year:

  • Create a ritual of gathering the family around the dinner table with a few pieces of red construction paper, scissors, and crayons. This can lead to colorful, one-of-a-kind cards for loved one and classmates. By doing so, you’ve turned a fun family activity into one of the many building blocks of a strong literacy foundation.
  • Using sticky notes, write captions (similar to cartoon bubbles) for family photos. What is Daddy thinking here? What do you think your sister is saying?
  • Create first-letter poems using words like heart and love — for example, L-literacy, O-opens, V-very big, E-eyes and ears.
  • Take a “red” walk around your home or neighborhood and point out objects that are red. Encourage your child to describe the objects using other adjectives as well.
  • Create a family flag, using photos from old newspapers and magazines that show each family member’s favorite activity.
  • Look for items in your home, at the mall, or in the park that start with the letter V.
  • By setting aside time after dinner or before bed, you can make reading a new family ritual.
  • Read and talk with your children beginning at birth, and stay involved in their education. Be a lifelong learner. It’s not just reading to children but also how you read with your child that creates a lifelong impact.