• Two-Generation Learning

    Two-Generation Learning

    Learn about NCFL’s innovative approach to family literacy.
  • Families Learning Summit 2016

    Families Learning Summit 2016

    SAVE THE DATE! We're headed to Detroit October 17-19, 2016!
  • A Year to Remember

    A Year to Remember

    Thank you for another great year of helping families learn together!
  • Ready to hit the Family Trail?

    Ready to hit the Family Trail?

    Family Trails sparks and celebrates family learning through exploration and adventure.
  • Renegade Buggies

    Renegade Buggies

    Learn smart-spending habits at high speeds with NCFL's new financial literacy app.
  • Wonder Ground

    Wonder Ground

    Join our Wonder Ground and receive a free copy of the Wonderopolis® educator guide!

Families Learning Together

NCFL exists to create a culture of family engagement across the educational spectrum.


Feb 9

NCFL Announces Family Engagement Initiative for Head Start
The two-generation project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, will put the family at the forefront of learning using NCFL’s latest family...

Feb 5

Camp Wonderopolis offers #2gen summer-learning opportunity for libraries
NCFL believes libraries are natural partners for two-generation learning—trusted and powerful community hubs where all parents and children,...

Feb 1

Become a Wonderopolis Wonder Lead Ambassador
Wonderopolis is assembling a new team of Wonder Lead Ambassadors who will play a critical role in inspiring and supporting the Wonder Ground...

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Families Learning Summit

Get the latest details about the upcoming 2016 Families Learning Summit taking place Oct. 17-19 in Detroit.


Family Fridge

Showcase pictures of your family and your family’s artwork on the NCFL Family Fridge!

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