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Goodling releases findings on the state of family literacy in America

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The Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy at Penn State has just released a policy paper that’s very timely as our leadership transitions at the federal level. “Changing the Course of Family Literacy” explores the state of family literacy programs throughout the United States and builds the case for continuing funding family literacy programming. Click here to view the policy paper.

The authors introduce readers to the history of family literacy in America and provide an overview of the current state of legislation and programming for family literacy, including key players such as the National Center for Families Learning.

Using the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) as a lens, the authors examine how states are funding family literacy programming, if at all. Their findings show that while states recognize the importance of teaching parents and children together, they are met with challenges in implementing programming and collecting outcome data.

The authors close with recommendations for policy-makers to maintain and increase family literacy funding and support. We encourage our community of educators, program staff, and practitioners to share “Changing the Course of Family Literacy” with their local, state, and federal legislators. Find contact information for your legislators by visiting

Click here to view the policy paper.

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