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National Literacy Directory grant offers scholarship to Families Learning Conference 2017


The National Literacy Directory recently announced its latest Innovation Grant opportunity: a representative from two literacy/education programs will receive scholarships covering the registration cost and a $1,000 travel stipend to attend the Families Learning Conference 2017 in Tucson, Arizona, from October 9-11. The Families Learning Conference will explore innovative strategies in family literacy and learning, tools for early childhood and adult educators, and best practices in parent and family engagement.

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To be eligible, the Families Learning Conference attendee must represent a Directory program with an up-to-date member profile and submit a blog post on takeaways from the Families Learning Conference. For more details on becoming a Directory member for free and to apply for the Innovation Grant, visit

Apply soon! Applications close Friday, August 25. Winners will be announced in September 2017.


2 Comments to “National Literacy Directory grant offers scholarship to Families Learning Conference 2017”

  1. Tracey E. Allen

    I am a family and operations coordinator in Camden, NJ. We are a urban school district. I would love to attend so I can learn how to get and keep my parents engaged.

  2. ncfl

    We would love for you to join us, Tracey! In addition to applying for the Innovation Grant mentioned above, you might want to look into using district or school-based funding, ESSA funds (including Title I, Migrant, Indian Education, etc.), or funding through community agencies in New Jersey.

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